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Friday, 7 December 2018

Week 15 - Christmas Nativity

What an unbelievable week we've had in Reception this week! We spent a lot of time getting ready for our big show and children were extremely excited to present to you their Christmas Nativity! I am sure you will be joining us in recognising how wonderful the children have been on stage and how great their performance was! Thank you to all the parents who made it on our big day and share this experience with the children. 

This week, we have also continued to work on our writing skills and children wrote beautiful Christmas cards and Christmas crafts. Next week, we will go to the post office and send our letters home!  

This week, all children are Stars of the Week for their incredible effort and success! 
Well done everyone! 

Friday, 30 November 2018

Week 14

This week in Reception we spent some time learning about Christmas and creating beautiful artwork and writing about this holiday. RN wrote about being snowmen at night, RB wrote about being in the North Pole and RP wrote about their Christmas wishes. 

When you visit us on December 7th, you will get to see our work and watch our Nativity play "The Sleepy Shepherd"!

In topic class this week we learnt about Christmas Eve and some traditions of Christmas. We then made cookies for Santa!

Thank you to our Stars of the Week - you were superb this week! 

Friday, 23 November 2018

Week 13

This week in Reception we kept busy with lots of fun activities and some significant progress in our learning! In Maths, we worked with numbers 0-10 and children showed that they can identify numerals and count sets of objects. In English, we learnt the sounds /z/ and /qu/ and we continued to spend some time reviewing all the phonics learnt so far this term. It is important to work with all the sounds as much as we can because this will help us blend sounds. read and write words. We went outside this week and practice using our phonics to write the initial sounds in words. In topic class, we carried on learning our Nativity lines and children are truly becoming stars onstage! 

Well done, Stars of the Week - you have been fantastic this week!

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Week 12 - Happy Loy Krathong!

This week we celebrated Loy Krathong and we were so pleased to spend time with our families at school! 

In English class, we learnt the sounds /x/ and /y/ and we practised writing and blends the new letters and sounds. We can now read some words! In Maths, we worked with numbers and tried to find out how to make different numbers by putting 2 groups together. It was a great introduction to addition! In ICT class, we recorded ourselves and made lovely videos! In topic class, we continue learning our Nativity lines and rehearsed on the big stage! We are getting quite good and can't wait to share our hard-work with you! 

Congratulations to our Stars of the Week - you rock!